Procedure and formalities when submitting Marriage Notice Overseas

You may also choose to send email to the Immigration Department at the for:

  1. the Notice form and 
  2. information sheet.

The following formalities MUST be observed:

  • The completed notice form with your signature should be authenticated by a Notary Public of the country where you live. 
  • The information sheet must be completed with the required information but need NOT be notarized.

Documents and payment to be submitted when the Notice is filed:

  • The authenticated notice
  • the completed information sheet
  • the supporting documents and 
  • bank draft as payment of the prescribed fee HKD305.

Delivery to the Marriage Registration and Records Office:

  • by registered airmail directly or 
  • through your contact person in Hong Kong or 
  • through a civil celebrant of marriages.

Our Service:

Should you wish to appoint us to submit the Notice for you. You should:

  • send the same to us by international courier the above required documents
  • remit our service fee with the Government fee for this part of service. Our service fee on this part of service is between HK$2000 to HK$9,000, depending how much time we have to spend on processing your case and its complexities. Please note that this amount does not include the fee on marriage solemnization.
  • Please enquire with us on our fee on marriage solemnization.

Marriage Notice Filed in Hong Kong or from oversea countries

Foreigners can register their marriages in Hong Kong.

A civil celebrant of marriages is recognised to solemnize a valid and legal marriage in Hong Kong. Before you proceed to a wedding, a Notice of Intended Marriage on the prescribed form must be given in advance.

To be safe:

  • 25-30 days in between if the marriage Notice is filed locally
  • 45-90 days in between if the marriage Notice is filed overseas.

Civil Celebrants of Marriages Scheme by Immigration Department

Civil Celebrants of Marriages Scheme

According to section 21 of the Marriage Ordinance, a marriage celebrated by a civil celebrant shall take place at any place in Hong Kong other than a marriage registry and a licensed place of worship.

The Civil Celebrants of Marriages Scheme aims to provide greater flexibility in the choice of venue for marriages and the purpose of which is different from marriages celebrated inside licensed places of worship according to the religious rites.

Civil Marriages vs Religious Marriages

The Civil Celebrants of Marriages Scheme was introduced specifically for secular marriages, which are different from marriages celebrated by ministers according to the rites or usages of marriages observed in their respective religions, denominations or organisations. Should there be a need for the marrying parties to celebrate a marriage by a competent minister outside a licensed place of worship, an application may be made to the Chief Executive for a special licence to be granted for that purpose under section 11 of the Marriage Ordinance.